About us


 ‘A part of me you are and will always be. 

With every stitch and yarn we create a family.  

A family we call me and mine’


A line of clothing that bring relationships closer with a matching closet. Every occasion or simply everyday, we want to help you create memories with your loved one. 

Wearing uniform clothes or ‘twinning’ has provoked a sense of belonging amongst people since centuries, be it towards your nation, your culture or society.

As for us, we share a friendship which is as old as our age and have believed in the twinning philosophy ever since. 



 Creating ‘ me and mine ‘ has been our journey of connecting all our past memories together. From spending hours on ‘what to wear’ situations, to watching fashion genre movies, we have used all our cliched experiences in building this brand.

Hope you feel a similar sense of belonging towards your loved one when wearing a ‘Me and Mine ‘


Naheed and Prachi